My Monday Metrical Musings #115

red flower fields during daytime

Crimson poppies

There are days I think I’m about to reach
The end of a long, rickety jetty
That’s how I feel on many-a-day
In this month of January

I see there is refreshing
That’s sorely needed now
Yet it seems oh so far away
Like a ship’s stern is from the bow

I long to set sail right now
To a sparkling horizon
That promises a new beginning and hope
And reprieve from my dreary doldrums

But no I must tarry still
And trudge with heavy boots uphill
Until I reach the peak of this mount
Then crest downslope with a leap
And a bound

To a valley of crimson poppies
Bobbing joyfully in the breeze
And dive into their sweetness gleefully
Refreshed like dew-soaked, rain-drenched leaves

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