My Monday Metrical Musings #109

man wearing blue jeans doing pirouette spin

Jam ‘n’ Hop

Jam ‘n’ Hop
Til the sweet beats drop
Every night that first month of
orientation for every freshman
Newly-minted successful ones.

I don’t consider myself to be
one of them. In fact
I don’t even know how I’ll
keep up with them

Jam ‘n’ Hop
No, don’t tell me to stop
It’s my sweet spot
Out there on the dance floor
Cos when I’m in the groove
The world ceases to move
I take orbit and I
Rock it!

Each time the forum, the concourse
goes electric. I’m there
Like an eyesore that just won’t quit
But I don’t care what others think
For me, the dance is

Jam ‘n’ Hop
Oh how the rhythm’s got me
Movin’ and swayin’
Lettin’ me forget

That I’ve a daily duty
to graduate
From this city’s top
With my head screwed on straight

But instead.

I wanna tell them that I
only wanna
Jam ‘n’ Hop
So I can forget
Cos when I’m on the dance floor
I’m a maniac
I’m unstoppable
My fever stays high
as my grades hover low

For the thrill of the vibe
Of the endless music

Jam ‘n’ Hop
You got me

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