My Monday Metrical Musings #107

man holding a megaphone

Equip or Eviscerate?

Now that I have your attention
Tell me once and for all
Putting me through school
All these many years
What on earth was it for?

Cos when I put forth my views
That came about
Because I took time to study and read
You turn on me and tell me
I’m being disrespectful and I know

When you were my age
You did things this way
And it worked then so why change now?
What makes you think
This world we’re now in
Is the same as yours somehow?

There’s none I tell you
None at all
So blind and deaf as those like you
Who refuse to see and listen deep.
All day long you walk around
Like your advanced age is your calling card
Your right to tell me
…what to do
…how to speak
…who to listen to.

Well guess what?
I’m catching up to you.
Like you I’ve more yesterdays than tomorrows now
You best listen up if you wish for my attention
I’m not a child anymore that you can equip one minute than eviscerate the next.

Telling me why I can or can’t do/say/think/behave the way I do.

How rude!

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