Living in my 50s #1 – Is this the time of my life?

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Four months ago today, as I was leaving one of the many public libraries in my country, I chanced upon a makeshift bookshelf near the exit that displayed a series of books about dementia and health issues facing the elderly. At first, I didn't think much of it. These are probably monthly-rotated showcases. The next … Continue reading Living in my 50s #1 – Is this the time of my life?

My Monday Metrical Musings #107

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Equip or Eviscerate? Now that I have your attentionTell me once and for allPutting me through schoolAll these many yearsWhat on earth was it for? Cos when I put forth my viewsThat came aboutBecause I took time to study and readYou turn on me and tell meI'm being disrespectful and I know Nothing. When you … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #107