My Monday Metrical Musings #99

Everything Comes Back To You / Blank Stares

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It’s so very hard to say
When I saw you walk away
I long to fall into the cracks
Of our broken selves if only to

Bring you and me back
But all I get are blank stares.

You need to know
That I’ll always want to dance with you
Through good times and bad
The whole nine yards of truth

Over and over from start to end
Everything comes back to you.

Waking up I turn for you
But there’s only a blank space
Beside me, yet I still can feel
You near somehow someplace

Somewhere I believe you’re
Still there in those blank stares.

Now you’re seated in
That upright posture proper
Ergonomic chair that
Looks like a straitjacket

No matter because
Everything comes back to you.

No matter even if
All you have for me are

Blank stares.

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