My Monday Metrical Musings #98

grayscale photography of concrete building


Here’s a secret
I’d learned in recent years
To keep perfect folks at a distance
Simply pigeonhole them!

Yes that’s right
Make them an archetype
Better yet
A stereotype!

If they’re too gym-bod muscular
Say they will be the pain of doctors and nurses
Who must change or move them
When they’re warded in hospitals.

If they’re too beautiful
Just remember pictures old
Of Pamela Anderson
Or Marlon Brando.

If they’re stinky rich
Think how sad their end will be
When they realize all their wealth
Won’t win them a Death-free plea.

If they’re perfect dynamos
In the fast-paced corporate world
Just know when they’re forced to retire
They’ll lose purpose and go bizarro!

If they’re smarter than Einstein
Or more gifted than Bach now
Know one day they will age
And be headed for Village Senile.

Yes you, you perfect people
Take heed and beware
You’re not that perfect
Quit humble-bragging
Into my pigeonhole you go
So there!

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