My (September) Monday Metrical Musings #96

woman sitting in front of macbook


I’m overwhelmed to overflow
I want to let go of all I know
Everything seems pointless, fruitless anyway
Why bother at all
Better to waste away each day!

But no, it’s not how I wanna live my life
This life that’s often a constant strife
Because I believe that there is more
As long as I’m willing to step out the door.

Yet what awaits outside
Is often more and more
Stress and demands
That never lets up at all!

January to now the month of September
Even til the end of the month of December
This and that come at us in a rush
Til I’m falling and sliding down like slush.

But oh when the day is finally over
Slow but sure I feel the tension ease
Hope springs afresh from somewhere deep within
I’m ready for whatever the next day brings!

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