My Monday Metrical Musings #95

elderly captain on boat

O, Captain My Captain!

“Only in dreams
Can we truly be free
Twas always thus
And always thus will be”

To suck the marrow of life
From now til Kingdom come
It’s what Keating reminds me
Each time I step out.

Since 1989 we’ve been blessed
To find
This gem of a story
That stands the test of time.

Maybe it’s the barbaric yawp
Or the oft-quoted phrase
“Carpe Diem!”
No matter.
The whole two hours eight minutes
Of this wondrous cinematic reel
Feels closer than close
More real than real!

For isn’t life to be lived
We have potential you and I
That’s untapped, unreleased.

All we’re waiting for
Is a Mr Keating in our lives
To come along with us beside
And galvanise us to stride.

About this broken world
Like a Colossus to bring cheer
A world where everyone in their allotted role
Will thrive in every universe.

That’s how Keating makes me feel
Each time I step onto my teaching rostrum
The weight of all those lives on my shoulder
Seize the day!
Never falter!

[My humble tribute to Dead Poets Society and Robin Williams aka John Keating]

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