My (August) Monday Metrical Musings #91

composition of august letters on table

What fun a busy month

What fun a busy month
This August will prove to be
Learning daily but teaching few
Of things both familiar
And sorta new.

That should be the way
Some would hasten to say
For isn’t lifelong learning
The ticket to a better day?

That depends I think
On where you’re standing
For me, it’s just more of the same yet
Not quite withstanding.

That it’s a new contract
To mould young minds
For just one month
Of endless, daily grind.


I probably wouldn’t trade
A single day of it
Cos it means I get to keep
My mind a-fighting fit.

So bring it on
The cerebral call
I’ll press on ahead
Even if I should fall!

3 thoughts on “My (August) Monday Metrical Musings #91

  1. Greetings!

    Definitely! This August is really busy with fun! As you said, lifelong learning, that’s why I choose to study again, not only for the better day, but also for pure fun from learning!

  2. Sounds like a busy month ahead, and yes, if I’m interpreting this correctly, doing hard things is really the way to keeping our mind fit.

    There was this talk on homeostasis I came across recently, and our body and mind tends to want to maintain an equilibrium that any movement into one direction will cause a rebound in the other. So hard tasks will equal joy, and any joyful things (like binge eating or drugs) will cause a rebound in pain.

    Wishing you all the best for August, Kelvin!

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