My Monday Metrical Musings #87

set of modern port adapters on black surface


Midyear’s as good as any I guess
To reconnect with my past
And see if the conversation is still there
Or maybe it wasn’t meant to last.

They returned to my life unexpectedly
These two folks from my distant memory
One I barely remembered at all in fact
The other hosted my wife and me.

Back 22 years ago when we married
And flew to the other side of the world
Greenhorns in that place for the first time
Feeling euphoric but also in a whirl.

She took us in this oh-so-kind friend
Who was also my ex-colleague
A brief homestay
For two travel-weary honeymooners
It was definitely a welcome treat!

The other wrote me outta the blue
Said I was the easiest classmate to find online
He even apologised for his ways back then
Though I forgot; it’s been such a long time.

He was so open and happy to talk
It surprised and delighted me
Who seemed to be losing friends ever since
I became a stay home dad anomaly.

No matter.

Though distance separates us
These two friends I shall be holding
They restored for me the hope that
There’s such a thing as old friends


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