My (June) Monday Metrical Musings #86

art city clock clock face

Between the already and not yet

Ever stop to ask yourself
“Hey where am I right now?”
Allow me to tell you
The answer lies somehow
before and after
past and future

The already and not yet!

Think about it
For a minute
And you will soon agree
We’re always in transition
You, the world and me.

The middle is where
we operate each day
Knowing what’s already gone but
not what’s coming our way.

Kinda like where we are right now
As cool June transits to warm July.

We’d like to believe we can
plan and plan and plan
But right up to the very end
It’ll still surprise us where we stand.

Time waits for no man
It ticks on without pause
Though we grow increasingly slow
Time seems to move faster like
It’s on an F1 course!

So rather than long for yesterday
Or strategise for the uncertain tomorrow
Focus on how you live today
Choose joy rather than sorrow.

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