My Monday Metrical Musings #80

a sick man covering his mouth

“Hey Mr Flu I’ve missed you!”

It’s been two years
Where have you been?
Were you under
Protective custody?
Or did Covid send you
Into secret hiding?

It’s been two years
I’ve nearly forgotten
How it felt to once again
Be by you house-arrested!
Laid up in bed
With a massive headache
Mind groggy
Nose drippin’
Body chillin’
Feelin’ totally

It’s been two years
Time again to get reacquainted
The reality of falling sick
Wondering how it all started
Was it the fact I no longer wear masks
When I’m out in the open
Trying to be normal again?
My face drawing you out
Of your forced confinement?

But you know it’s okay
I mustn’t complain
For someone you used to visit often
These two years were a welcome change
That now you’re back means
Everything’s revertin’
To a norm I was once
All too familiar with

So Mr Flu
Just want you to know
I’ve missed you (sort of)
Glad you’re back home!

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