My Monday Metrical Musings #70

An ode to The National Library

It stood aloft
On a mound
Flaming red in the evening like a wall of fire. 

Brick upon brick rising higher and higher
The closer I climb towards it. 

Each uphill step I take brings me nearer
The air ever dense like an Amazon forest
Then quickly cooling as I enter its airconditioned caverns

Like Fall in New England or a brightly-lit bat cave

Every shelf lined with the promise of endless
discovery and

Like the open, inviting pages in each tome
Forever ruling my childhood
In ways never again to be repeated.


Now it’s all flattened like a pancake.
Not a trace of red anywhere.
Only grey

Like tar on roads
Bakelite on roofs
Concrete tombs

It’s just a tunnel now
Leading everywhere
Just not leading anymore to
discovery and

Oh, how cruel you are Fate!
How cruel!

Robbing not just me
But also my offspring.

Never will they see
Never will they share

This brilliant part of my childhood
My memory
My loss.
Their loss. 

Red oh how I miss you.

On that mound
Flaming red in the evening like a wall of fire. 

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #70

  1. A stirring tribute, Kelvin. “Thank you” is always welcomed and nearly always appropriate. Gratitude for the past can and should stimulate our gratitude in the present.

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