My Monday Metrical Musings #67 – For care givers

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Life is harder for those who care

I heard this recently
And I think that it is true
Those who care
Live harder lives
Than either me or you!

It’s not for lack of anything
That I must make crystal clear
It’s just a part of how it is
No need for dread or fear

When those smaller or weaker
Are deep in desperate need
Those who care
Give love sunshine and lots of
Good food to feed.

They never stop
Not for a sec
To lift downtrodden spirits
But in the process
Empty emotional banks
Faster than the Grand Rapids!

Life indeed is harder
For those who truly care
Their feet ever ready
Their hearts so big
Yet we know they’re bound to tear!

So if you see a weary caregiver
Reach out a thoughtful hand
Ask them how they are doing
Show them you understand.

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