My Monday Metrical Musings #63

alone bed bedroom blur

Those “I Don’t Feel Like” Days

Ever had a day like mine
When you wish in bed to stay?
And never crawl out of
That 4-pocket spring mattress lay?

I call them fondly
“I don’t feel like” days
When I simply wish not to
Do anything I usually would
Pray tell
Have you those too?

When I don’t feel like
The greatest novel of all
Not even a newspaper clipping
Or a poster slogan on the wall.

When I don’t feel like
Another diatribe or altercation
Another melody or
Line from an 80’s comedy
Radio, podcast, or rediffusion.

When I don’t feel like
Yet another film or Youtube video
To feel the strain gradually
Stretch my eyeballs
Till they elongate all the way
Down to my very soul!

When I don’t feel like
Another Monday Metrical Musing
Even less another student script for marking
Though the deadline is fast a-looming!

Oh these “I don’t feel like” days
They come more frequently now
As I turn another decade
And reach the end of my row.

I guess it’s bound to happen
When you’ve experienced nearly
All you can.
I wonder what’s over the horizon
Will anything help me “feel” again??!!

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