My Monday Metrical Musings #61

man sitting on edge facing sunset

Begin Again

As day makes way for night 
And dark recedes from light
As winter will soon take flight
A new year we should start right.

2021 put on quite a show
Of at times false bravado
Til Omicron said “Hello!”
And dealt us another blow.

We can’t help but to wonder
What’s next to make us flounder
Will we be torn asunder
And 2022 drive us under?

Let’s resolve again together
To beat this once and forever
Cause there’s more than one danger
Not a single one a stranger.

There’s Loneliness and Anxiety
Depression and Misery
Grief and Abject Poverty
Loss of Worth and Self-Identity.

There’s the Critical Race Theory
And Social Injustice aplenty
Lack of gracious Inclusivity
Of those deemed of “Lesser Ability.”

These “pandemics” were here long ago
Before the coronavirus stole the show
Though talk of mental illness did grow
There’s still much that we do not know.

Let’s not stay ignorant anymore
Our lives are too precious after all
The next generation cannot stand tall
If we don’t uproot these ills at their core.

So as we sing Auld Lang Syne
Bidding ’21 good riddance goodbye
Let’s begin again in ’22 to try
Caring Sharing Love and Joy Divine!

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