My Monday Metrical Musings #42

friends in casual clothes standing near river in daytime


WHO are they?
Ships that pass in the night
Leaves you hangin’ in mid-flight
Takes you out for one drink, one bite.

WHAT are they?
Creatures that get under your skin
Beings that look anything from fat to thin
Clouds that you can’t ever quite pin.

WHERE are they?
Everywhere; just not right here
Or here in body only (so I hear)
In my head yet never beside to cheer.

WHEN are they?
Never on time when you need them most
Always available to guests but not the host
Forever in your past like an elusive ghost.

WHY are they?
Constantly occupyin’ my dreams and days
Like zits on face, refusin’ to go away!
Yet ignorin’ me and what I have to say.

HOW are they?
Treatin’ me like a discarded doll
Goin’ for years without a call
Makin’ me feel like I’m nothin’ at all?!


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