My Monday Metrical Musings #34

Be. Better. Best.

Once there were three brothers
The oldest two had names most supreme
The first was “Best”, the second “Better”
But the youngest of them most humble
His name was simply “Be”.

“Best” was the haughtiest of them all.
He claimed he was perfect every time
Knew exactly what he was doing
Exactly what to say
How to solve anything
How to impress the throng
Never ever was he wrong
“Best” was the haughtiest.

“Better” was never satisfied with anything.
He always knew
And always believed
There was more
That he could do than before.
So he strived and strived
Never giving up the drive
“Better” was never satisfied.

“Be” was always calm and cool
Even tho’ he didn’t always know
Where to go or what to do.
His one great gift?
Staying in each moment
Embracing, relishing, busking
Never anxious or in a hurry
To move to the next moment
Or multi-task continuously.
“Be” was always…be.

I hope to be “Be”.


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