My Monday Metrical Musings #33

bored formal man watching laptop at desk

“Let The Hills Have (My) Eyes”

Sittin’ here with my bullfrog eyes
With veins around them madly throbbin’
My forehead’s tensile strength is off the charts
It’s the return of that forebodin’ feelin’!

I’ve finally got a name for it now
It came to me this mornin’.
“Let The Hills Have (My) Eyes”
That’s it!
That’s how I’ll be a-callin’…


…starts when you’ve got stuff to see
That you just don’t feel like seein’.
Could be textin’, typin’, Tik-Tokin’
Or TV-on-demand binge-watchin’.

When it’s got to involve my eyes
I’ve noticed of late they’re rebellin’.
They want me to pull down the blinds
To keep from a-receivin’…


…endless data and information that
Our hyper-connected world keeps churnin’.
Like a wheel which won’t stop spinnin’
Going faster and faster, each relentless turnin’.

Times like these I just wanna run
Leap off a roof, free-fallin’.
Plunge into every tree or luscious field
Or into the depths of the ocean deep-divin’…

…(cos I’d rather)…

“Let The Hills Have (My) Eyes,” I say
And Nature my mind a-consumin’.
Than to let these L.E.D. screens again
Rob my sanity
And leave me all a-blindin’!

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