My Monday Metrical Musings #27

Solo Flight

black hawk soaring
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

How does it feel
To realize
No one’s your friend
Despite your many tries?
To insert yourself
Like a square peg does
Into round holes
Stirring up only dust.

Accept it now
And let it go!
Some things aren’t meant to be
No going with the flow.
You never moved to anyone’s drumbeat
So why start now?
It’ll just be another dead end
A waste of time
Leaves turning brown.

Instead, embrace who you are
A forever free spirit
That fleets from one clique to the next
Never caring if you fit.
Cos you won’t be around long
It’s just too confining
For someone as special as you
There’s just no denying.

The world thinks it’s figured you out
They’re just glad to leave you behind.
But it’s really them you’re dropping off
Them who’s keeping you from your shine.

So go forth blaze your trail.
And if others come along.
Keep them close for a sail
Perhaps a drink or a song?
Give them your biggest smile
And play along for a while
But know that the day will come
When they will say goodbye
It’s not “maybe” or even a “might”.
They are duty-bound to leave you behind

So always be prepared
Don’t linger or ask who’s right
Just be ready to spread your wings
And take off
On your next solo flight!

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