My Monday Metrical Musings #26

“May the 4th” maketh you a man!

Photo by Author

Oh May the 4th, my son’s world you reign
His adoration for you, is crazy; insane!
He sleeps and dreams of the far far galaxy
A smile on his face, happy as can be.

Every night of his still-young life
He wields that manic lightsaber.
Like he’s in the midst of a cosmic strife
His vision taking him ever higher.

I love and hate when I see
Spewed everywhere messily.
His tiny stormtrooper figurines
His obsession with Star War things.

Tho’ I understand his singular devotion
I even helped him with his collection.
But now and then I crave his attention
Overcoming the Force for his affection.

His detailed deliberation and passion
Is very plain to see.
No Star Wars memorabilia
Can escape his revelry.
He talks non-stop all-day
About every minutia.
Of Coruscant or Boba Fett
Kamino or Jango Fett.
Of Mace Windu or Qui-Gon Jinn
Darth Maul or Emperor Palpatine.

But his fave’s still Obi and Anakin
And Ep II Attack of the Clones.
Yoda battling Count Dooku supremely
Sidious rising to the Senate throne.
I get a kick at times
Just listening to him rattle off.
This droid’s name or that Padawan
Like some Star Wars College prof.

It reminds me of a time I knew
Every X-Men’s power.
How absorbed I was with Richie Rich
Reading comics hour after hour.
It’s the rite of passage of any kid
Especially if he’s a boy.
These superhero tales and legends
In the form of book, film, or toy.

So yah “May the Force” be with you son
Daddy fully understands.
It’s all part of what brings you up
From being a child
To becoming
A man!

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