My Monday Metrical Musings #22


Don’t quit your job Lee!

Don’t quit your job Lee
It’s simply too risky.
The job market’s too soft.
And you’re well over fifty!

Don’t quit your job Lee
Life’s not giving out freebies.
You must keep working your butt off
It’s just the way it is.

They once tried to tell us
We were young with little “power”
When we wanted to turbo-charge our careers
To climb the “corporate tower”

You’ve much to learn they say
Careers take time.
You must put in hard work
Until you reach your prime

Now they tell us we’re over the hill
Our age has made us a burden.
O the insult, the hurt
Delivered tersely with words so curt!

So don’t quit your job Lee
Hold tight tho you may hate it
But hold tighter to your self-belief
That one day you’ll transcend it!

You’ll show the world
There’s more to life
Than this busy grind
Every day and night

You have a message to share
That first came to your mind
It’s what defines you
Not some other’s bottomline.

So even as you toil
And labour for your family
Devote time to craft your message
Then one day set it free!

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