My Monday Metrical Musings #19

anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books

In Each of Us A Book

I really do believe
There’s a story to unfold
In each of us a book
A tale to be told

I really do believe
We rush through every day
Not giving our ‘book’ a chance to open
Though it’s got a lot to say

I really do believe
We each must go ‘small’
To learn about ourselves
Though teardrops may fall

As we ponder our lives
There’s so much to uncover
But we huff and we puff
Sweeping hurts and pains under

If only we could pause
Just long enough to see
There’s a book in each of us
A bestseller to be set free

That doesn’t just warm
Our precious little hearts
But helps our fellow men
Distill life’s stops and starts

That plugs into our
Collective, universal themes
That resonates with one and all
In reality or dreams

Oh yeah I do believe
In each of us lies a book
So go on, turn the page
Let the world have a look!

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