My Monday Metrical Musings #15

Shifting sand

bird s eye view of desert
Photo by Walid Ahmad on

They say it’s hard to stand
On shifting sand
But I demur
Cos I’ve tried my hand.

Yes I did.

I’ve made decisions
Without a care
And afterwards regret
Wondering how I got myself there?

Yes I wondered.

As tomorrow comes again
Another “quicksand day”
The wind blows and blows
The sand ebbs, then flows

Yes I flowed.
(Right along with it)

Sometimes I think
I’m safely berthed
All’s good and stable
Life’s straight, no curve.

Yes I’m good.
(Anchored; secured)

But the wind starts to blow
My sails swiftly unfurl
And I toss and turn
While the sands ‘neath me burn

So I’m wrong I guess
I have to confess.

Each day can bring an
Unavoidable circumstance
Making it hard to stand
On that shifting sand.

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