My Monday Metrical Musings #11

The Shallows

reflection photo of man standing on dirt road
Photo by Rodrigo Souza on

They walk right in
Like they own the place
It’s like I’m gone
Without a single trace
Taking charge as if
They’re my kingdom’s
True heirs
Pray tell if you see this
Would you also be asking me

Where have I gone?
Why let these shallows come?
Why open the door
For every single one
Of them to come and
Stake their unlawful claims?
And wipe you off
Like some stubborn stains?

These folks who
Pay not a bit of heed
To open pianos
Or music scoresheets
They seem blind to my books
On mahogany shelves
All they care to do
Is stuff their hungry selves
Food and fluff
That’s all they want
Why can’t they leave
Get outta my humdrum?

The rhythm that’s my life
Gets a bitter discord
By their insensitive invasion
And stupid retorts
Conversations about money
The latest technology
Or which car career condo
Is the next revelry.

I’m sick so sick
Of their shallow existence
Is life all these superficial
Inconsequential substance?

Wake Up Wake Up!
The world’s bigger than that
When will you learn
To exit the House of Frat?
You’re like prepubescent teens
With acne and pimples
Comparing and peacock-ing
All for trinkets and symbols?

How shallow
How shallow
How shallow
Can these people be?
Please never again
Visit my family!

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