My Monday Metrical Musings #10

When Breath Becomes Air

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As I live and breathe
I hold fast to this moment
It’s between past and future
I think it’s called “being present”?

As I live and breathe
I count each inhalation
One. Two. Three. Four.
Followed by an exhalation.

As I live and breathe
I close my eyes
And clear my thoughts
Of all fears and lies.

There’s only now
No where when how
Just one single breath
More sweet I hope than foul

When breath becomes air
One after another
Just me and my
Wondrous, Heavenly Father
Basking in His love
The only one I know


As I live and breathe
I ask Him for peace
For clear blue skies
And a light gentle

And trust in Him
To Him I cleave
Remembering His son
And the blood shed for me

There are times I want to scream
To holler and shout
To know the who what why
That yours truly is all about.

But I don’t
Instead I just live and breathe
Making air with my breath
Saying please let me be.

Let me seek
Right here and now
In this small way
The promise of “being present”
With you
Each and every
Brand new day.

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