My Monday Metrical Musings #9

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Colour of Monday is Blue

“Will you pack me a snack
For Tuesday?”
“Sure, my son.”
I always say

“Will you drive over humps
Along the way?”
“Of course dear one”
I always say

“Will there be school
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
“Yes, my son.
And don’t forget
Monday is blue!”

(Cos that’s his favourite colour
The colour of the first Monday
After six long lovely
Weeks of delightful holiday)

“Son, I know the first day
Fills you with dread
I’ve been there my child
Nerves hanging by
A thread

But I always say
And you always do
By God’s grace somehow
We both make it through!

So cry if you must
I’ll understand
I will cry with you too
And hold tight
Your hand

Til we walk through
Those school gates
With our heads held high
Knowing Monday to Friday
These days will all fly

Til we’re reunited again
With Saturday and Sunday
And blue becomes the colour
Of every season’s holiday!”

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