May the Fourth Be With Him!

I did promise in an earlier post I will also share about my eldest son now and then. So what better day than today to begin?!

I’ve been very blessed to have Jaedon in my life. His name in Hebrew means “God has heard”, and after 9 long childless years of marriage before he finally arrived, it’s not hard to see why we gave him this name.

From the time he arrived, our lives were changed for the better as we took care of him and watched him grow. He’s filled my life with more meaning than I can even begin to describe, and it was he who first helped me understand what it means to be a father, a dad. In these past 10 years, he’s also proven to be a sensible, independent, happy-go-lucky boy who rarely gave us problems.

He’s been a big help with caring for his brother too. It wasn’t always that way of course; like his mom and I, he too had to learn by trial and error how to navigate around Caleb’s special needs, and not The get too upset or envious when Caleb proved difficult and our attention was fully taken up with handling him. Sibling rivalry definitely existed in the initial years but thankfully, now that he’s 10, Jae has learned to be the bigger man so to speak, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve even noticed in the last few months Jaedon stepping in to help when he sees me about to lose patience and fly off my handle when Caleb got too hard to manage. So while it wasn’t a proud daddy moment for me to lose my cool, it was also a proud daddy moment when I see Jaedon recognising the situation and intervening to smooth things over. A UN Peacekeeper in the making!

Oh, another thing to know about him: huge Star Wars fan! While his daddy probably likes it about as much as the next person, Jae can rattle off the answers to the most trivia of questions about it. He can even tell me which sound track was played in which scene in which episode! It’s been that way ever since he watched his first Star Wars movie A New Hope. Not even his same age cousin Anakin (yes that’s really his name!) is that into the franchise.

The journey of autism is one best trodden in good company, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion than Jaedon. So as one of his many rewards (just for being the great son and brother that he is), come December when Rise of Skywalker hits the silver screen, he won’t need to remind me to bring him to watch. I’ll gladly book the tickets in advance, and well before he opens his mouth to ask!

May the Force be ever in his favour! (Oops, I think I’ve just mixed up my movie lines!!)

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