Am I living a “low-desire life”? ABSOLUTELY!

person swimming on body of water

Each time I go for a swim these past few years, I would complete just 20 laps. Usually finished in under 45 minutes, about two to three times a week. Some would say a leisurely life. Why 20 laps only? No rhyme or reason; I could probably do at least ten more if I felt … Continue reading Am I living a “low-desire life”? ABSOLUTELY!

Life-Work, not Work-Life Harmony

Dear Citizen’s Panel for Work-Life Harmony Thank you for informing me that I’ve not been picked to join your panel discussions. Having seen it, as well as news of the kickoff session last Saturday, I do feel a tinge of disappointment that I wasn’t selected. This despite the fact that participating would have meant giving up full … Continue reading Life-Work, not Work-Life Harmony