My (March) Monday Metrical Musings #73

cemetery of fallen soldiers and veterans

Sonnet #2 -- "Beware the Ides of March!" Beware the ides of March So Shakespeare's Caesar was warned Yet like him we fell right intoAnother bloodbath wrought on us all The month of March 2022 is almost goneStill that warning we heeded notJust look at the war now raging onShakespeare would have keeled over with … Continue reading My (March) Monday Metrical Musings #73

Covid One Year On – let’s rethink BAU shall we?

set of medical protective face masks

A year ago yesterday, my country went into its first major lockdown following the Covid 19 pandemic pronounced by the WHO, and experienced by many nations worldwide. Yesterday, I completed my final vaccination jab against this history-making virus. I guess you can say I've sort of come full circle in these 12 months. Yet one … Continue reading Covid One Year On – let’s rethink BAU shall we?