My Monday Metrical Musings #147

bionic hand and human hand finger pointing

Will AI replace I? Never!

It’s a bone of contention
This new AI revolution
That’s been nipping at our collective heels.

Us creatives needn’t fear
Or so they tell us “My dear,
You’ve nothing to be afraid of.”

But what if I forgot
To tell you that a bot
Had written this poem you’re reading?

Surely you’ll be upset
You’ll feel cheated and fret
Wondering what other stuff here isn’t human?

Rest assured not just you
I’m fretting about it too
Afraid others would think I’m a fraud.

Posting stuff here every week
An essay and a peek
Into the lyrical side of my cerebrum.

When in truth every line
Every word every time
Came from I and not AI-generated.

The difference is my voice
My silly lines like my son’s toys
Strewn messily all over the floor undecorated.

The sound is all mine
Every syllable every rhyme
Even cheesy ones stay exactly where I laid them.

Stay true to who I am
Not AI-Robot but I-Man
No filters and no replacement.

So I, not AI, will
Hold sway still
In my writings stay true eternal.

No machine can mimic
My genius and comic
It’s a fact now til my funeral.

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