My Monday Metrical Musings #145

alphabet letter text on black background

The first 3 letters

ANTs on an ANTler
BELting out a BELter
CARing for a CARibou

DIEd after DIEt
END all ENDeavors
FALL into FALLopian?

GRUff like GRUffalo
HONk to the HONky-tong
ICE in old ICEland?

JET to the JETski
KICK like a KICKa**
LIMp to the LIMerick?

MOPe pass the MOPeds
NUDge in the NUDe
ORDer in the ORDinary?

POPping a POPpyseed
RUMmaging through a RUMmage sale
SORes to fuel more SORrows?

TATtle like a TATtle-tail
UNDerneath the UNDerground
VICtimised by VICtors

WINsome in WINning
XENon sparks XENophobia
YOGghurt after YOGa

ZONked in my ZONe!

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