My Monday Metrical Musings #122

The Dolphin Song

When I first heard his call
It came from a secluded bay
Echoed off the cliffs like a whisper
While stars twinkled off each sea spray

Grandpa didn’t hear it
Neither did my mom
Maybe I dreamt it up
Yet each dawn I hear his song

Every day a little closer
Telling me about the ocean
Sometimes uplifting
Sometimes sorrowful

Each time it grows louder
Tugging at my heart
I snuggle deeper into my pillow
Afraid to even get up

But now I realise why he’s calling
And I wait to hear some more
He wants to return home
Feel safe, but
We hurt them when we ignore
Plundering the depths
Robbing watery treasures
Destroying his habitat
With nary a care

I don’t know what to say
Except “sorry”?
My heart it beats with ache
Like a thunderclap
On a stormy day

I long to welcome you home
This too belongs to you
This earth we share together
This ocean so true blue

One day perhaps we’ll learn your song
More voices joining the chorus
More love for every living creature
“Welcome home my friend
Welcome home!”

[Inspired by Christina Booth’s “Welcome Home, Whales“]

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