My Monday Metrical Musings #68

number shaped balloons

To my 25 year old self

Hey man, welcome to 25!
The quarter-most centurion part of your life
Cold feet as you step into the big bad working world?
Fret not my boy
Allow me to unfurl

Four things that’ll see you through this season
Starting with Brylcream 
Remember the reason?
Pop slathered it on your hair every morning til you were 12
The only touch he made 
That didn’t involve spankings that swell

Let’s not forget the second thing
Mom’s starchy pork meat
That drove your tongue insane
And you up on your feet
It harks back to the good old days of yore
Days of joy both big and small

The third thing was what Sister did
Paying your first air ticket for that 1991 London trip
The Big Ben clanging was music to your ears
Those times you were globetrotting
Will come back again
Have no fear!

The final thing
That girl in the church pew
The one with that foreboding look and bee-stung pout
She’s the one God prepared for you
Yes you 
Destined for joy forever

Err hum it’s what your 25’s gonna be
All about!

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