My Monday Metrical Musings #55

a boy playing chess


It’s all about
What matters most
The rook, the knight
Or the holy bishop?

No, my son
It’s about the King
He’s the most important piece
So think think think!

Before you make
Your next hurried move
Look closely, please
Before he goes poof!

I’ve played this game
More years than you
So up my sleeve
I’ve still got a move or two!

Haha, checkmate!
You’re done for now
Another game, set, match
Another furrow to your brow.

But my son in chess
No two sets are alike
‘Tis more than just a game
It’s a strategy for life.

I’m glad you’re starting
To understand that
There’s more than one way
To skin this cat!

For chess is wonderful
Making us pause and muse
Slow down and consider
What’s real what’s ruse.

But more than that
For me as your dad
It’s one more way
To keep you close
And us united!

I will always
Love you
My pal.
But for now…
Checkmate again!

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #55

  1. This is an excellent ‘parable on life’ so to speak. Thanks for constructing and conveying it simply but with impact.

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