My Monday Metrical Musings #50

I wanna be a mangrove

I wanna be a mangrove.

Like giant dark alien fingers
Astride upon the earth
Then suddenly frozen still.
Exposed their roots are
Stoic and statuesque
A labyrinthine force of
Sheer. Iron. Will.

How come they be
So naked and so free?
Such strength in full view
Holding steady in the breeze.
I wish I knew
Their sturdy skilful secret
Standing their ground
No matter what comes thither.

Most roots stay out of sight
After all
Like my small insignificant life.
Kept tucked away
Like an invisible mothball
Never daring
To open up
Or strive.

I do envy you
Mangrove roots
For your bravery
And open defiance.
Perhaps someday I too
Might be like you
Standing tall
Fully free…

a world daily demanding
my compliance;
a constant meek
reluctant acquiescence;
a conforming to every
unrelenting expectation.

I wanna be a mangrove.

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