My Monday Metrical Musings #21

My Twilight Friend

sunset ship boat sea
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It’s coming, the end
That eventual descent
So the question at hand’s
“Will you be my twilight friend?”

I know you’re busy now
To think so far ahead.
I know it’s not manly
To sound so afraid.

Yet death’s a-coming
No one can escape.
The only question is:
“Will you be alone in the wait?”

Or will you reach back
And reconnect with me?
Me whom you left behind
While ascending your corporate tree.

For our lives had diverted
So much and so far.
Barely recognising each other
Me wet sand you shining star.

But life’s end will come
To you and to me.
No matter where we are
It’s inevitable you see.

So what’s it to be?
Or do you need more time?
Well all the best to you then
For I’ve made up my mind.

My ship’s about to sail
I will not wait.
I’ll just find another
Twilight friend to take.

On life’s final voyage
To the end of the world.
I just need one friend
For my sail to unfurl!

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