My Monday Metrical Musings #2

Photo by Bersam on Unsplash


How fast
These ceiling fans they twirl
My mind’s a whirl just looking

Is it Sunday now or Tuesday?
It’s never been this blur
My memory

But you, you go so fast too
In and out of my ward
Zipping past
The cold side rails of my sickly sterilised bed
On the way to Never Never (Never?) Land

But wait! Please
Take me too
I don’t want to lie here alone
All day and night
With these restrainers, these resuscitators

Come back son come back
Your old man doesn’t want to be alone here
Yet oh how fast these fans
They twirl

Like my memories
Every single one a precious pearl
But oh how fast they vanish
Vanish in a whirl
Leaving me in a swirl
Til my head spins
And I’m alone again

And you’re gone

My world
While the fan above
Keeps twirling

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