My (October) Monday Metrical Musings #100

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Unsettled Someplace... Somewhere...Something...Someone......else Just never... Why is that?What's changed?Why am I this way?Unsettled in my own skinFearful deep within This surely's notmy ideaTo finish off a groundbreaking year! When he learned to ride a bikeFinallyWhen I hit not one butmany milestones in...(no, no bragging) When we'll finallyTravel to hobbit-villeWhen I get to hostand cross … Continue reading My (October) Monday Metrical Musings #100

Daily living with autism #2: Surmounting milestones

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When parenting a boy with disability, one constant concern is this: will he clear age-appropriate milestones in time? I'm no different. With my autistic son, it's always at the back of my mind, this fear he won't mature in time to enjoy what his neuro-typical peers take for granted. These could be things like confidently … Continue reading Daily living with autism #2: Surmounting milestones