My Monday Metrical Musings #54

corn field at daytime

Accepting Accepting listswith inconsistencyMy life a messyTapestry Accepting lifewith uncharacteristic zealAs golden sunlightPours over corncob field Accepting lieswith downcast looksMy days on endlessTenterhooks Accepting liftswith open palmsOf calloused linesTrailing sunken arms Accepting lovewith pale parched lipsWeather-beaten dryLonging for dew drips Accepting lobswith barely-clenched fistsWhite-knuckled bruisedDesperately coming to grips Accepting losswith nary a careKnowing someday soonI'll … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #54

Embracing my life story means sweating the small stuff!

faceless man wiping sweat from face and sitting on fence

Yes, I think it's okay now for me to say it. *Deep breath* I started going for counselling this year. Yes, that's right. I did. In fact, I probably should have done so a long time ago. At the start of 2021, I finally decided there's no shame in admitting I need help; only in … Continue reading Embracing my life story means sweating the small stuff!

“Thanks, Dad. Here’s why” – A letter from my son, written….in 2030!

11 Jul 2030 Hey Dad, How's it goin'? This year 2030, you turn 60. It’s such a big number I can’t even comprehend what it’s like living so long! How do you do it, Dad? Hahaha... Anyway, happy birthday! I hope you liked the hand-drawn birthday card I gave you last week. Remember when I … Continue reading “Thanks, Dad. Here’s why” – A letter from my son, written….in 2030!

Living with Daily Defiance

Want to know how mind-slammingly hard it can be living everyday with kids? How about with a kid that 'gets it' but also doesn’t ‘get it’?  Let me explain. You see, it’s kind of hard working with children who have special needs like my Caleb. With him, it’s always a fight to transition to doing … Continue reading Living with Daily Defiance

Writing with Intent

Dear Blog I know I know. You've been wondering where I've Disappeared to. Yes I know. It’s time to be 'hospitable' again to you, hospitable to my writing. It’s time to come to the keyboard or notepad with the clear intent and purpose to write. Diligently. Determinedly. Definitively. Daily. And now that I have a … Continue reading Writing with Intent

“What’s ‘Normal’, Caleb? What’s ‘Normal’, World?”

Inspirations can come out of nowhere sometimes. And this was one of those times. There she was blow-drying her hair last night, like she does every night after a bath, when my wife suddenly had an inspired thought. She decided to stim (gesticulate randomly) in between blow-drying her hair. At various moments she would suddenly … Continue reading “What’s ‘Normal’, Caleb? What’s ‘Normal’, World?”