My Monday Metrical Musings #159

silhouette photo of a man in a tunnel

I Wanted To Reach You My Way

You have no idea how many
ways I’ve been told I’m not good enough
All through my years of growing up
I had to fulfill what society wants
Me to be


That’s the easy part.

Harder were the insidious ways
Society wants me to
Sing the same song
Say the same words
Write the same lines
Never questioning why
Wear the same clothes
Smile the same smile
Mouth the same platitude
Show a “can-do” attitude
Even when I’m falling apart
Which of course I’m not allowed to

The conformity
The hypocrisy
The Masquerade
The public parade

Don’t be different
Be exactly the same
Every single day
Play only our game

Yet all I wanted to do
Was reach you my own way
To tell you my story my way
To talk and write my way
The more the world fences me
The more I dig my heels deep within
To unearth what makes me

I’m still digging
Even as the world keeps ribbing
me for daring to take
The path less trodden
To be myself instead of another

No more
‘Tis not so great now as
it seemed before
I’ll not let you
Silence me
Conform me
Mold me
To your ilk

I’ll reach you in
my own way
Maybe you will too
When you come to your senses

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