My Monday Metrical Musings #148

a big tree under a white sky

The Rain Tree (Samanea saman)

Each time I drive by
That stretch of the highway
Nearing my respite
Nearing my home

I will always look up
Just for a moment
Seeing my friends
Arching over my road

Like arms stretched across
A tightly knitted foliage
An umbrella for rainy days
They welcome me into their enclave

The Rain Tree (Samanea saman)
Known for its widely-spreading crown
Dome-like if you will
Branches spread for miles around

Planted along each side
Of that concrete expressway
They seem to whisper
You’re safe now. Yes, you’re nearly home now.

Their branches reach and intertwine
With their twin on the opposite side
A solid green tunnel forms
For my weary soul to hide

For the drive can be so lonely
How I long for it to end
Sometimes straight or bearing to one side
Then suddenly asking me to bend

And take an unexpected U-turn
To get to my destination
But this green tunnel assures me
Peace and tranquility like a leafy fern

Is mine for the taking
As I pass beneath their protection
Once I emerge on the other side
I’ll receive garlands of love and liberation

So thank you Rain Trees
You’re a sight for this weary traveler
I know the world will be alright again
As I pass through your wondrous pavilion

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