My Monday Metrical Musings #126

firewood burning in fireplace

The In-betweens

Afternoons are when
The excruciating dullness begins
I’m calling them now
The “in-betweens”

When it hits I simply cannot
Do anything
No not a thing
Not one bloody thing!

I can’t read
I can’t type
I can’t talk
I can’t text
I can’t watch
I can’t nap
I can’t even think.

No, I simply cannot
Do a single thing

And if it’s humid
It’s even worse
I’m like a sweaty zombie
Standing next to a flaming hearth

My mind’s as blurry as the London fog
Hazy and dull like an injured dog
Nothing to do but lie down and wait
Until the afternoon’s gone and I can make
Myself get up alive once again
Cos the evening’s here
And everyone too.

My family’s returned
All’s right with the world.

But for now, I’m in

The “in-betweens”

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