My Monday Metrical Musings #119

shallow focus photography of brown grass

A Muted Sun

He hangs over us
This muted Sun
Blurry uncertain
Looking down at everyone
(And also no one).

I’ve often wondered why
He vacillates between bright
and hologram-like
Shouldn’t his radiance stay
Iridescent not slight?

But it’s true he’s unsure
at times of who he is
One moment the very essence of light
The next, a fading

No, this sun
Can’t be the one
That God set on high
For you and me
No, it simply cannot be.

Our world down here is troubled enough
Without also having to
Worry about all that’s
Happening up above.

So shine Sun, shine!
Incandescently blind
Bright and clear
With no hint of fear.
Isn’t that a reasonable ask?

Or must you also have dark days
You muted Sun?
Don’t you know we need to have
In this topsy-turvy world
At least one constant?

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