My Monday Metrical Musings #31

signboard with inscription on fir sprigs with pine cones

Ever Wish…?

Ever wish you could go back in time
To that fateful conversation?
Get behind the face and eyes
Each explosive altercation?
Or peek under that cool veneer
Just to see what lies beneath?
To discover every fear and tear
Dewdrops from a trembling leaf?

Ever wish you could go back in time
Pick up where you left off?
As if nothing ever happened
To destroy our sworn betroth?
Or peek behind curtains of time
And see what could be done?
To undo that moment when we two
Were fighting under the sun?

Ever wish you could go back in time
Reverse each dreadful outcome?
Turn back the hands of time
Smooth over every speed bump?
Restore each broken connection
And make your world whole again?
Like old broken Humpty Dumpty
Pieced back by king’s horses and men.

Ever wish…? O what’s the point!
Who can time travel anyway?
This isn’t Avengers End Game
Or that loopy Groundhog Day!
So focus on the here and now
And what might lie ahead
Let go of what’s already gone
Move on in prayer and faith!

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