My Monday Metrical Musings #24


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Please gimme the chance
To snub them now
Don’t lemme miss it
Don’t make me cry foul

For far too long it seems
They’ve continued to snub me
Never paying me any heed
While they party away
In endless revelry

What is it about me
That makes them leave me out?
I feel like
If I’m to be noticed
I have to scream and shout!

I have to keep calling and calling
So that I’ll be heard
I must ingratiate myself
To be part of their herd

Enough! Enough!
I can’t bear it anymore
I wanna have a chance
To get back at them
A tit for a tat
A pie in their eye!

But first they must call
They must initiate
Then when they do
Ignore them I won’t hesitate

Yet I doubt they will
Ever call me again
It’s what they’d always wanted
To leave me in this pain

O how I hate them!
For I’m left with these longings
Snubbed once again
In my own imaginings
While they frolic and play
Leaving me unattended and
Simply wasting away
In my own private musings

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