My Monday Metrical Musings #13

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Oh To Be An Orphan

I never told no one
Not a soul
But the truth is
I’ve often wished I were

An orphan

Shhh…not so loud
They’ll hear ya
I don’t want them to know
Especially them

For either they’ll laugh
Or they’ll throw
Everything within reach
At me

But how could they know?
I’ve always been alone
Even in a crowd
I’m always on my own

Though there once was a time
I would daily fall on my knees
Praying for family, friends
And endless company

For fun and laughter
That’s shared and divided
Til I was betrayed
And the company departed

When I dropped out of sight
In my heart I thought they might
Call or write
Any day
Any night

But I was a fool
Hungering for I don’t know what
Companionship? Comradeship? Love?

So I came to decide
It’s much better to hide
To disappear into myself

And pretend I’m an orphan.

Who has no one
Who needs no one
Who hungers for no one

And yet
I wonder
If that’s really so

Or if in fact
My hunger for love
Will only
Multiply and

I guess I’ll never ever know
All I can do is hope that
Someday, I’ll be free
No demands placed on me

Then an orphan
I will truly be

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