My Monday Metrical Musings #8

Auld Lang…sigh?

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Once more we bid
A fond farewell
As this tidal year recedes
And another swells

Oh wait, not “fond”
Surely not that!
2020 was horrid
No! Hurry, let’s get
Outta this year
Into 2021
After what we just had
Don’t we deserve some fun?

A new year when maybe
We can rip off our masks
One where maybe
More can gather at last?
Where shops are packed
And restaurants too
Where bars and discos
Dance away virus blues!

Oh wait, not “packed”
Surely not that!
Are we quickly to forget
How close a shave we had?
How lives were lost
So carelessly dumped
Like an old unwanted shoe
Or a shrivelled plum?

All because our freedom
Suffered this viral affront
This insult to our space
O how quickly it’s shrunk!
To a closet of a size
Leaving us asking why
Why now not later
Or better still never?

Was it climate or waste
Or our busy life of haste
That brought us crashing
Into this coronavirus place?
How will history judge us
20, 40 years in time
Should all acquaintance
Be forgot and never
Brought to mind?

So before I sign (sigh?) off
With an Auld Lang Syne
Let’s all take a moment
Before the clock strikes

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

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