My Monday Metrical Musings #6

Black Beauty

horse on seashore
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I thought you were a keeper
But you were a mere keepsake
Of what once was

I thought you a friend for life
Until I awoke one day
And realised

You were never going
To be mine
To have and to hold

So in the end I
Had to let you go
Though you already beat me to it

How this fool wasted tears
Stored them up
All these years

Like pursuing
Black Beauty
A free spirit, untamed

I guess
In the end I’ve but
Myself alone to blame

So I’ll say goodbye
Put your keepsake
Out to dry

Under the unrelenting sun
Out to pasture

My “Black Beauty”

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #6

  1. As we walk through life, very few “Black Beauties” are aligned to walk alongside for a lifetime. But there is One Who offers to renew us daily and grant us vision to see the new expressions of Beauty that are ours if we will but see.

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