My Monday Metrical Musings #141

woman hand holding leaves

Slow Down...Love Bold Slow downDeep breathsLeaves rustlingFocus there Quiet pleaseNo soundBirds chirpingAll around Power offNo screensSoak inGentle breeze Life's shortQuibble lessSeek peaceAbiding rest Time's tickingEver fastHold tightFamily's best Walk slowLet goLittle mattersLove bold

Life Skills I Do Not Have #2 – Rest & Relax

background balance beach boulder

Since resuming keyboard lessons in September, one of my many life skills pursuits, I've been finding the journey pretty much a roller coaster. Some days I would ascend to such heights of musicality I would surprise even myself; like the scenery you get at the peak of a roller coaster ride. Panoramic and breath-taking! Not … Continue reading Life Skills I Do Not Have #2 – Rest & Relax